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Big Sam Allardyce to manage West Ham?!

Sam Allardyce has been the big mover with Betfred in the market for next permanent West Ham manager as there was plenty of betting support for the former Bolton and Newcastle boss.

But surely if Hammers fans were unhappy with the way their side played under Curbishley there is no way that they’d accept the UGLY FOOTBALL that has been a trademark of all Big Sam’s teams?!

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Football Preview: Community Shield 2008

Ahhhh….good old football, our dearest of friends, returns after a short break this weekend. Despite a full fixture list of Championship, League One and Two and lower league football, all Premier League eyes will be on Wembley come Sunday afternoon.

Man Utd v Portsmouth - photo courtesy traditional Community Shield is seen by most people as the start of the Premier League season. Ok, so it is basically a fancified friendly, but unlike the rest of the pre-season fixtures this is one that managers and players are always determined to win.

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Padraig Harrington golf triumph cost bookmaker €2m

Irish golfer Padraig Harrington retained his British Open Golf title and it cost the Irish Bookmaker Paddy Power over two €2m in patriotic payouts according to the Gooners Betting Blog.

Paddy Power was feeling the pinch for the second year running with patriotic Irish punters backing the Dubliner all weekend long resulting in a huge payout of over €2 million!

NFL Picks : Week 5 Round-up

We’ve had five weeks of the NFL season now – and I’m pleased to report that both of the two serious systems are now in profit.

Abe celebrates another winnerLets start with our ATS system nicknamed “Abe” which ran up a 5-1 record this week with some good winners like Carolina (+3) and the Bills (+10) and also some luck in getting ST Louis (+3.5) to somehow cover as well.

He’s listed on the NFL picks page as Cheesehead – and now has a 20-14-2 record for a top ranked +15% yield.


Also in profit is the moneyline “value bet” system known as Vincent.

Basically – he’ll take bets only where he thinks that the public is out of line with the real chances – which usually (but not always) means betting on the underdog.

Vincent went just 1-3 this week, but did land the Chicago Bears at +165 (2.65) and although he’s only 16-24 overall that’s still good enough for a $484 profit with his big prices.


Our short priced favourites backing system Marvin only picks the most likely sides. He went 3-0 this weekend for a small profit to take his overall record to 19-10.

Although he has the best strikerate though – he’s losing around 13% – and I’ll repeat again that we do NOT expect this system to make money – as Sportsbooks do not go broke on these bets.


Finally, Eddie (our extreme value system) could not match last weeks stunning performance when he went 3-1 and quadrupled his stake.

Eddie went 0-3 this week losing with Kansas City, the NY Jets and San Francisco as he search for extreme underdog moneyline winners.

The jury is still out as to whether Eddie can make a profit – or whether the betting market is too efficient to allow big value to sit out there.


I’m looking forward to week #6 already !!


Baseball Betting – where is the smart money going ?

What are our sharps betting on these days?By the time you read this, any individual games we talk about will be long over. Instead, we will discuss teams and perhaps in the future pitchers that are attracting sharp attention, starting with a trio of bad teams.

Texas Rangers
When a team struggles, the question on everyone’s mind is: Are they really that bad? Most of the time, the squares say yes and the sharps say no, or at least they’re not so fast to judge.

Teams are never as good as they look when they’re winning and they’re never as bad as they look when they’re losing. That’s the conventional wisdom, and the skeptics turn out to be right the majority of the time. This is especially true in baseball with all its time for random fluctuations and even the largest favorites being about three to one.

The Rangers are looking bad, and it’s not that anyone thinks they’re good. The sharps do however feel strongly that they are not as bad as they appear, and bet on them consistently through several re-evaluations.

Kansas City Royals
The baseball world is used to the Royals being awful, with talk of how big a disgrace it would be if they pass the White Sox for fourth place. The Royals may still be in the basement, but they’re far from the hopeless disaster from a year ago.

This team has been and is being rebuilt from top to bottom and is improving steadily as its players gain experience. Kansas City also seems to enjoy a strong home field advantage.

St. Louis Cardinals
It seems like everyone finally woke up and realized these aren’t the cards they’re looking for. The All-Star break seems to have been the last straw, and now the Cardinals have lost whatever luster is left. This time, there is no resistance, there is only freefall.

The sharps aren’t lining up against them, but no one is stepping in to defend them either, and that’s what you would expect from this kind of value shift. If things don’t improve for them, they could get a lot worse.

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College Football Overs & Under Total Bets

It’s that time of the year when people start looknig at the College Football teams – and the guys over at BookieLabrat have a good article on their blog from Dave Cokin.

Dave provides some good pointers on five teams that he thinks may be well worth following on totals bets – including Kentucky, LSU, and Virginia Tech.

Read Dave’s full College Football Totals Betting post there,

Baseball bettors : Get a $250 Free Bet this week

Justbet - one week baseball promotionWe’ve just spotted this FREE BET OFFER over at the BookieLabRat blog (a recommended site BTW) where online sportsbook are prepared to give new players a FREE bet.

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Winning tipping records over the weekend

The two active Want-a-Winner tipsters both had reasons to smile this weekend with winning records to help punters to profits.

Jim Feist continues to show profits with his ML baseball picks as he went 2-1 over the Friday/Sunday period with both winners being priced over even money to show a tidy yield.

Jim is now 19-14 since we’ve been tracing hime from the start of June and is over $500 in profit. Well done !!

Remember that you can get more from Jim – including his reasonably priced PAID PICKS at his own website. (Click the banner)

And our other tipster is Gooner from the self titled who has been providing AFL Australian Rules picks on his website and forum using a sophisticated spreadsheet.

He provides handicap picks using a strength rating formula and has been tearing up the profit lists with a 10-1 run including a 3-1 result this week.

Gooner is now 36-19 since the start of the season and over $1500 in profit with the majority of his winnings coming of top bookmaker PinnacleSports – who seem to have he best prices.

Well done guys – let’s hope things continue in the same vein – and that we can add a few more tipsters to the site at the start of the pro fooball and European soccer season.

SportingOdds offer over GBP 6,000 in prizes every week

Sportingodds ‘Master the Multiples’ promotion wants you to enjoy the Summer of Football and make it one to remember. They are offering £6,500 in weekly cash prizes for the highest-priced winning Football accumulators!

How do I play?
Simply place an accumulator (minimum £5), comprising three football selections or more priced at 1.20 or higher. The highest-priced winning accumulators will win cash.

For example…
A winning accumulator comprising 3 selections at 1.50, 2.00 and 2.50 will return a winning price of 7.50.

Competition Week Dates
Week 2 2nd July – 8th July
Week 3 9th July – 15th July
Week 4 16th July – 22 July

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